Sep 25 2014

Ipso Factory 10 09 14

rhinoLaurence Miall has produced his first novel, Blind Spot which came out on Newest Press last month. In town to launch the book, he stopped by the radio station for a chat. The interview begins at the 1:02 mark and we talked for just shy of half an hour. If you do jump ahead, I recommend starting at 0:56 and letting Robbie Fulks’ Night Accident provide the introduction. The song hits the right mood and, like Blind Spot, it turns on infidelity and a train crash.


Song selections for the balance of the show are peppered with bookish themes and even more smartass literary references than usual. Enjoy the show, then curl up with a copy of Blind Spot and a big glass of Writer’s Tears.


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Sep 19 2014

Ipso Factory 27 08 14

rhinoI never wanted you to be a trucker’s wife

Ukrainian ethno chaos, rude Siberian punk, and a boy and his tuba make for a lively and varied program this week – that and you can enjoy hearing me flub Funnel/Tunnel of Love, which I played on account of having thoroughly enjoyed Only Lovers Left Alive the night before.

Wanda Jackson ~ Funnel of Love (real slow version)

Don’t worry about the smokey Jazz that starts the broadcast, I extinguished that immediately.

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Sep 18 2014

Ipso Factory 13 08 14

rhinoPeople keep calling me Dropdead Fred

Every year the Edmonton Folk Music Festival showcases at least one real gem; this year it was Kiev’s DakhaBrakha who stole the show. That a band this talented, unique and innovative was denied any time on the main stage was simply disgraceful. DakhaBrakha roughly translates a ‘Give and Take’ and the name also refers to the Dakh Theater, a hive of Kievan cultural life since the mid-90’s. The four-piece practice what they call ethno chaos to intense and beautiful effect. Their most recent album Light, downloadable here, is brooding and sumptuous, growing in haunting power with each listening. I recommend it very highly.

Dakha Brakha ~ Carpathian Rap

Also progeny of the Dakh Theater are the Dakh Daughters, a cabaret show trading in Da Da and psychodrama.

Sam Beckett, a cockroach and Nestor Makhno walk into a bar cabaret…


Dakh Daughters ~ Rosie Donbas

And now enjoy the rest of the show.

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Jul 28 2014

Ipso Factory 02-07-14


Still buzzing from the Nick Cave concert when I put this radio show together…

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ~ The Hammer Song

Cave77_n Photo by Jay Proctor

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ~ The Hammer Song

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Jul 26 2014

Ipso Factory-16-07-14

rhinoMoses says to Noah, ‘Should’a dug a deeper one’

Back in the saddle after a long convalescence. This week’s Ipso Factory was a smoking show to match the wildfire haze and sweltering heat. Bright spots included great new stuff from Parquet Courts, Ex-Cult and the Pink Mountaintops. Gary Numan’s version of White Light/White Heat should also not be missed. We also spotted what may be one of the missing Moose Brothers, his name is Sugar Brown (shades of Toots Sweet from the movie Angel Heart) and his new record is very cool.

Parquet Courts ~ Black and White

Ex-Cult ~ Not a Threat

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Mar 20 2014

Majority in Fugue

Feeling tense about the ongoing crisis over Crimea and east Ukraine? Try playing the first five notes of this piece in your head every time you hear Putin’s name. It’ll help.

Also, you should support the Majority Report.

Calliope in Fugue is lifted from the great PDQ Bach (Peter Schickele). Here he provides color commentary for Beethoven’s 5th.

Jan 30 2014

Ipso Factory 29-01-14



Colonel Kurtz of Klezmer and friend of the show, Geoff Berner if off on a 7-stop dead-of-Winter tour of western Canada. He is promoting his new novel, Festival Man out on Dundurn press, but fear not, music fans, he’s still bringing the accordion and the bad attitude. Here in Edmonton, he’ll be playing the Wunderbar Friday and Saturday. We got him on the horn during this week’s Ipso Factory, discussing such matters as the agony of letters, the ecstasy of Punk, and the many moods of Stephen Harper.

The Berner segment starts around the 70 minute mark.

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Jan 24 2014

The Tall Tale of an Alternative Burns Supper

American Quack is proud to present the following reprint of Buster Friendless’ historical and anthropological study of Scottish culinary practice in honor of Robert Burns Day. We are keenly aware that many readers are eager for a further installment on the research project of Dr. Anne B. Thermopolis and will resume this coverage in the next issue.


There were none but Scotsmen present at the event in question so we cannot claim to have a reliable account of what went on, but, according to at least one scurvy Caledonian, it began with a general malaise that settled on the city of Glasgow. A restless dissatisfaction held the entire population in its grip. Blandly and blindly, the people went through their daily routines, stopping at the chip shop for breakfast, lunch, tea, and after-last-call snacks. They ordered haddock, cod, blood sausage, haggii, scotch pies, pork pies, and pizza slices, all of them rolled in batter, deep fried, and served with thick, jaundiced, fat-soaked chips. And though their bellies were filled as usual and their unkempt Highland whiskers well-oiled in the process, something was missing. Continue reading

Jan 14 2014

Jerry Jerry ~ Smart (I’m Smart)

My ongoing efforts to broaden the Youtubular footprint of Mr. Jerry Jerry have yielded further strange fruit in the form of this video for Smart (I’m Smart) from the stripped-down solo effort The Sound and the Jerry (1997). I had thought to go with the Marx Brothers, or maybe mad scientists (saving the immortal Herbert West for when I tackle Wierd), but for reasons that surpass my own understanding, I settled on a mishmash of Daniel Day-Lewis characters. If Jerry ever releases an extended dance remix, I’ll cut the video again with some ripe footage from Nine spliced in.

Jerry Jerry ~ Smart (I’m Smart)

Intelligence is force, insight is violence, wit is aggressive display.

Dec 22 2013

The Majority Galore (Breaking Down)

If you don’t tune in to the Majority Report, let me recommend that you do. Sam Seder and the boys offer the funniest, most incisive news commentary mixed up with excellent, typically insurgent tunes. Recently there was some confusion amongst the messaging listeners as to whose tune is Stop Breaking Down – it’s a Robert Johnson composition, though most people would know the Rolling Stones’ version, and on the Majority Report, it’s the White Stripes recording that gets regular play.

It occurred to me that the version they really ought to be playing is by DC punks Pussy Galore from their cease-and-desist, cassette-only, treatment of Exile on Main St.(1986). Hence the video I’ve concocted above. Yes, the cassette skwirrls are in the original.

You can enjoy all of Pussy Galore’s po-mo lo-fi re-imagining of Exile On Main St. here. But upon further reflection, and considering the caliber of personality populating the US political scene these days, perhaps Dick Johnson is a more apt song altogether (it’s certainly a much better video):

Jon Spencer ≥ Jagger+Richards

Robert Johnson ~ Stop Breaking Down

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