Ipso Factory – new timeslot – 06-04-11

And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid git.

A new Bat Time, the same Bat Channel and identical Bat Shit – the Ipso Factory moved to 3 – 5 PM, Wednesdays. In order to feel comfortable in the new digs, we trotted out even more of the old favourites than usual, although the show did take on a decidedly Teutonic bent partly on account of this odd piece:

Dave Varenka of White Hassle may be the best drummer I’ve ever seen. Currently listed as ‘on hiatus’, this band deserves to be WAY more popular than they are. Front man Marcellus Hall has a solo album just out (it’s on iTunes unlike most White Hassle), I intend to acquire it immediately and recommend that you do the same.

White Hassle With Fan (photo: Ali Smith)

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