No Means No 2011 (and 1994)

Here, out west, it’s hunting season, and typically that means that NoMeansNO should be passing through the territory. I take a gander at the band Web site and see that, yes indeed, the best Canadian band ever set off on a countrywide peregrination just yesterday.

See them while you can, fellow sapiens, for the season will come when that wizened trio gaze out onto the vastness of the Hardcore Logo circuit and judge it no country for old men. That’ll be a sad day for Punk Rock, implacably sad like the end of the Selfish Giant (which reminds me not to pogo so much this time; this is no country for old knees).

We don't quit on a tour poster just cuz it's got a little wear and tear


Mr. Wrong chats with some Slovene hipsters

And for your further edification, here is an old short story/review I wrote about seeing the band on their Mr. Happy tour (93/94).

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