Oh Be Joyful

Here’s my first fan video. It’s for the tune Oh Be Joyful by the Pack AD, from their second album Funeral Mixtape (2008). I learned from Maya, when they last came through town, that they had indeed gotten the title from Ken Burns’ the Civil War (Oh Be Joyful was one of many colourful names the soldiers gave to their DIY hooch), and so I open with a soundbite from that series. I thought about using clips from Ravenous – which was also a source for the song – but opted for moonshine over cannibalism. The rest of the video is comprised of a how-to-build-a-still montage, courtesy of Hamper McBee and some pals. I strongly recommend viewing the whole of Hamper McBee: Raw Mash (1978) (See also, Rich Hall’s Dirty South, he’s got plenty to say on the subject of home brew in southern culture.)

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