Nov 15 2012

How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (WWIII Edition)

How Will I Ever Be Simple Again – Richard Thompson from 12Razum on Vimeo.

If memory serves, it was Greil Marcus who pointed out the Armageddon specter that haunts the works of Richard Thompson. Heartbreak in a Thompson song doesn’t merely feel like the end of the world, it writes small the general doom, like a pinhole camera. One such cruel gem is How Will I Ever Be Simple Again from the strangely hard to find Daring Adventures (1986). It is a song of war and aftermath where wounds are forever and pain always fresh as the day. Consolation flirts and departs (like she did). Here I’ve paired it with cuttings from Insignificance (1985) by Nicolas Roeg, a wise bit of lunacy, a collision of icons and a fable of the Red Scare, the impossible blonde bombshell and looming atomic annihilation.

Nov 10 2012

Remembrance Day 11-11-12

The Last Long Mile

written by Charles Hart and Shannon Four, 1918

Why the Poppy?

A writer first made the connection between the poppy and battlefield deaths during the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, remarking that fields that were barren before battle exploded with the blood-red flowers after the fighting ended. Continue reading

Oct 25 2012

Tops of Rubber, Bottoms of Springs

CAT BOUNCE! A website of bouncing cats.

Jul 16 2012

CJSR DJ Darren Zenko off to Destination Venus

I recruited Darren Zenko to write for the Paltry Sapien earlier this year. He seemed keen to participate, and I was eager to have some share of his prodigious gifts for irreverent humor and subversive invention. In addition to these – standard fare for anyone who knew him – he told me that he had learned a very great deal from his time listening, watching and talking with people in the cancer wards and treatment centers he’d been spending much of his time in. He had some hard-won wisdom, he told me, and hoped to live and to give it expression. Most sadly, the disease took him last week, at age 39.

Darren Zenko – DJ, journalist, short story writer, novelist, and gadabout, RIP

Sometimes, rarely maybe, or maybe that’s just me showing my age, Edmonton seems to be filled with big-hearted and beautiful people, like it did last night. Sorry that it had to be a funeral. Zenko abides. Godspeed to him.

As an observer and writer Darren would have pointed out, there’s a reason they put funerals in the movies. It’s so that people can have epiphanies, set aside quarrels, bond through shared emotion and experience, see each other anew, show their kinder natures. Grief makes us better people.

Jun 22 2012

Pussy Riot are Bad Asses

Three members of Moscow’s Pussy Riot continue to languish in pre-trial incarceration, but the international movement to see them freed continues to swell, and their enemies remain vulnerable to and deserving of mockery:

May 8 2012

Ipso Factory 02-05-12


I haven’t posted a show for a wee while, and for that, my apologies. The following kicker of a radio show takes as it’s focus teenage psychosis and the scars of Junior High. Enjoy.

And FYI, I will be DJ-ing at the Boyle Street Community Services Birthday Bash, May 26. It’s a good cause, come on down and join the festivities.

Listen to the show
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Mar 5 2012

I, Showbiz – Jerry Jerry

Some talk of Buñuel here at the Paltry Sapien prompted me to put this clip together. Luis Buñuel made this strange film L’Âge d’Or in 1930. When I first saw it, I had a eureka moment as I thought I had discovered the cradle in which Monty Python had been birthed. The inception point comes earlier in the movie, when the protagonist becomes enraged at the site of a blind beggar, runs over and kicks the man in the belly for no apparent reason. Tennis anyone? Watch how he sneaks into the party the second time, bristling with craven pomposity, and tell me that John Cleese would have played it any different.

The song I,Showbiz comes from The Sound And The Jerry (1997), a late album that may lack the power of the Sons of Rhythm band but contains some of Jerry Jerry’s best and funniest writings. If a forlorn girl sucking the toe of a cold, remote statue isn’t a perfect icon for Rock-and-Roll stardom, well then I guess I don’t understand imagery. I wonder if anyone ever tried to clamp their lips on the end of Jerry’s cowboy boot.

Apologies to all loud-mouth liberal clueless kumquats.

See also The Drift

Feb 11 2012

Miesha and the Spanks

Heading out for a night of spanking with Miesha and pals. Should be an excellent Saturday night.

Jan 12 2012

Ipso Factory 16-11-11


This show was largely inspired by the spectacle of various Occupy encampments getting rolled up with varying degrees of brutality. Else-wise the show explored Iggy Pop’s strange line that he is ‘Doing the things a 5’1″ man can do’.

What are those things, Iggy?

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Jan 1 2012

Viet Cong by Deja Voodoo

Shun all Ning Heads

Four-string, no-cymbals sludge-a-billy duo of Montreal Deja Voodoo put Viet Cong on their third album, Swamp of Love in 1986. They also ran Og Records which played an essential role in allowing Canadian indie music to flourish. A lifetime of kudos is owed them (and perhaps a couple of seats in our appointed senate).

In 1989, Peter Jackson, now of Lord of the Rings fame, released Meet the Feebles, his audaciously tasteless and utterly brilliant assault on the Muppet Show (and The Deer Hunter).

It occurred to me that these two works really did belong together and any liberties I may have taken are more than justified by the fact that there is a band wandering around New Zealand calling themselves Deja Voodoo.

Continue reading

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