Dec 20 2015

Ipso Factory 2015 Year End

rhino A friend in need is a friend in debt.

Year-end came early for thee Ipso Factory; there will be no show on the 24th or 31st. Below you can hear my 2015 wrap-up. It’s mostly mirthful, as suits the season. I’ll be back on the airwaves at CJSR on January 07, 2016. Til then, then, best of the holidays to you all.

The Pink Mountaintops ~ Holiday

I sat down to make a Christmas-themed video, but this is what came out instead:

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir ~ Table of the Lord

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Mar 23 2011

Ipso Factory 16-03-11

rhino The Revolution will not fight germs that may cause bad breath.

Doctor Jackson Phibes of Forbidden Dimension invited the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir back to his lab for an after-bar party with some of his kinkier chimera. Fun, drinks, hi-jinks, laughs – freakish amount of laughs. Lacking a hot-tub, they all piled into the Phibes’ fancy new teleportation pod, which, wouldn’t you know it, was set for single occupant. Thus, fused at the molecular level, was born the multi-headed, geetar pickin’ human mass known as the Agnostic Phibes Rhythm and Blood Conspiracy.

We kicked off the show with a slice of APhRBC recorded live in Medicine Hat and recorded by our friends over at CKUA. Otherwise the show had something of a radioactive feel – could’a been Geoff Berner dropping all those F-bombs. (My own thoughts on spelling it Geoff here.) Amongst other cool new stuff, we played a stomper from the new Builders and Butchers album Dead Reckoning. This video is from an earlier album, but it is pretty.

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