Jun 25 2016

Ipso 09-06-16

rhinoYou are the best girl in the USSR

Still feeling inspired by my recent trip back to Moscow (first time back in 20 years), I start off this week’s show with a mitt-full of selections from that region of the world, some old stuff and some new, including a track from Tsentr‘s 2015 release First Troglodyte Bank. Tsentr (Centre) have been kicking around the Russian indie music scene since the 80’s. Think of them as the Muscovite Pere Ubu, and note, in the clip below, my good friend and generous host Alex on the drums. The show rounds out with a tribute to CJSR’s Smiling J, on whose birthday it was broadcast.

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Here I am in Moscow (I’m the short one in the Tsentr T-shirt).

Tsentr ~ Psychedelia is Required

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